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We got down to business in the last few months, and together with fellow wine experts who are sommeliers on cruise ships and resorts, then winemakers and our wine hedonists, we created a program platform for basic training in knowing the history of wine, famous wine brands, wine culture, table bonton, service, sales and pairing of wine with food!

Basic facts and modules:

This online course is comprised of 22 live video lessons. For more detailed information, you can consult with us on our contacts or social networks on the side.

Wine Enthusiast online course program: 

Definition of Wine. Vitis Vinifera;
Vineyard. Oenology. Terroir;
The process of wine production. Fermentation;
Wine varieties;
Apelations, classification;
Famous wine brands. Wine of France and Italy;
Other European wine houses;
Wines of the New World;
Sparkling Wines;
Dessert wines, fortified wine;
Service, wine serving;
Wine & Food pairing;
More details coming soon!

However, if you are interested, be sure to fill out the form below, so that we can contact you for the next training that we will schedule at one of our locations.
In Vino veritas!