Bartender & Barista Community & School with extensive network of professionals in Bar Industry in Central and Southeast Europe

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Professional Bartender School

21 day course. Spirits science & cocktail mixology, classic & contemporary. Wine, Craft Beer & Coffee day integrated. Bar management & career projection.

Barista School Essentials

11 day barista course. 2 tasting masterclasses, 10 classroom lessons, 8 days of pure latte art practice. Farming, coffee cherry, coffee bean, methods of bean processing, alternative brewing methods.

Beer Connoisseur School

3 day course, comprised of tasting workshops of 27+ craft and traditional beer styles, craft brewery visit, understanding the brewing process, beer styles and beer & food pairing with extensive insight in beer culture.

Aficionado Club tastings

Taste and understand to appreciate. Whisky, Cognac, fine Rum, Craft Gin, Rakija, Craft Beer and Wine tastings. Earn your Aficionado certificate by rising to the level of Connoisseur

Aficionado Club workshops

Gin & Tonic, Mojito, Negroni and other mixology workshops. Learn to create your own, with varieties and history behind it, that adds up to appreciation aspect of the creation

Our locations

Banja Luka


City of great Pubs and Cafés with many festivals and cultural events to attend. Clean mountain rivers and historcal sites. Sporty place and a rafting capital of Europe



The party capital of Europe, with over 500 great clubs, bars and pubs. A blend of central European and Mediterranean culture. One of the oldest cities in Europe with amazing architecture and fortresses.



Just of the Adriatic coast, this Mediterranean city with great cafe culture has it all, Sea, mountains, lakes and loads of historical sites down the coast, with amazing beaches

Novi Sad


City on Danube with a great fortresses and architecture form Austro-Hungarian Empire times. Lively, sporty, student city and home to Exit Festival, one of the greatest in Europe. Wineries all in all directions, and great value form money



The capital of Central Europe. Multi culty hotspot of Europe with greatest museums, restaurants, events and that esoteric and historical aspect to it. Go Vienna with us, starting 2021



Bar Capital of Europe. Totally multi culty, greatest hipsta place in all of Europe. From amazing Craft Breweries, to best clubs in Europe and cultural events this architecturally avantgarde city is our Bar City, starting courses this autumn



Just under the Alps towards the Mediterranean, capitol of Slovenia. Ljubljana is a total Wine experience spot, with medieval castle and sites all around. Pristine nature and preserved rivers all around offer much to do



The laid back place of the Meds. Unesco protected Old Bridge(Most) with amazing history, superb boutique wineries, on a beautiful mountain river, just 1hr drive of the coast. Home to Red Bull Cliff Diving Series. Go Mostar



A touch of the Orient in Southern Europe, this Capital city has amazing, 1001 nights kinda old town. Diverse architecture, good cafe culture and mountains that surround it. Ski centers just out of the city and great sites

We are Bartender & Barista community with extensive network of professionals in Bar Industry in Central and Southeast Europe

We do courses as well as festivals, competitions and various educational platforms. Besides educating new generations of professional bartenders and baristas our aim is raising awareness and standards in spirit, wine and craft beer industry as well as Bar Culture in general.

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