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Hardly anyone saves on weddings, because for many it is only once in a lifetime! Lately, we have been doing a lot of show concepts at various celebrations. But weddings are something really special. Most of the people want something non-conceptual, unlike some past times. There is nothing wrong with presenting your wedding guests with 200 Cosmopolitan cocktails waiting for them at the entrance or serving them various cocktails for a good part of the evening. Aperitifs, digestives, the choice is endless. In addition, if you decide to do something like that, we are at your service to do a bar show, and entertain your guests, do some flair bartending, and create superb cocktails with a fantastic garnish, and doing other tricks at the bar.

What you don’t need to worry about are things listed bellow, because we will take care of all that:

Ingredients and equipment;
Bar and chairs;
Organization, glasses and garnish;
Cocktail Show and service;
Guest entertainment;


  • Bartenders for hire;
  • Portable Bars up to 10 meters in lenght;
  • Signature Cocktails creation;
  • Selection of ingredients;
  • Cocktail Flair Shows;
  • Cocktail Fire Shows;
  • Tailor made private events;