Get the best of the trade. Or get a rookie from our Bartender Academy. We are able to provide you with best options value for resources available. We recruit in South East Europe mainly, but also from all over the EU and the middle East. Members of Bar Akademija bartender school are Bartenders, Baristas and professional Resto&Bar Servers.

Reliable Chefs, kitchen staff and restaurant hostesses are being recruited mainly from the mentioned areas as well.

Housekeeping staff that we recruit are international.

Restaurant and Bar venues need to have well balanced managers that have, themselves, stepped up from service positions and are familiar with the operations. We recruit managers with character, reputation and experience from Europe and Russia.

Contemporary hospitality industry, as multidimensional as it is, requires a sensible, well educated, self driven, responsible and creative individuals, well balanced management in all dimensions of the mentioned term. Besides that, it is evermore harder to get that right candidate character to invest in. We set ourselves to find those professionals, as well as ones with the potential to become pros. Our strenght sector is Food and Beverage mainly but we can reach out and find other professionals of the big H industry. Our expertise and background is in that very element of the Bar and Restaurant business, as well as the Hotel operations. B.A. team is made of bar experts with international experience, restaurant service connoisseurs and cruise industry veterans.