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Understanding Spirits & Liqueurs

Understanding spirits, distillation process, infusing, filtration, ageing and traditions. Liqueurs with complete process and historical background, going trough distillates and liqueurs classification and using in Bar craft

Cocktail Mixology, the classics

11 workshops of cocktail mixology with the all time classics and their recreations in focus. Historical background and the becoming of stories of classic cocktails and meaningful twist on classic. This is full scale know how

Fine Spirits tastings

Tastings are super important. You cant fully understand the distillate, it's philosophy and the craft masters behind the story if you don't taste your Cognac, Scotch, Bourbon, Mezcal and their varieties.

Coffee & Tea Module

We regard it as essential to bartender craft in a way that a bartender must know, understand and perform basic skills of creating espresso based beverages and fundamentals of Tea culture and serving standards

Wine & Beer Module

Working behind a bar, you will be serving beers and wine to. A good bartender must understand wine and beer culture with fundamentals and varieties, especially with Craft Beer Culture growing beautifully and Wine Culture that is timeless

Bar Management & Career projection

Where to continue your development into professional Bartender, where to find more know how and basic postulates of Bar Management. How to create a good path for your career development

professional bartender school

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