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Classic & Contemporary Cocktail Mixology

Tastings are just as important as learning classic cocktails. Without a complete understanding of Rum, for example, a Bartender cannot understand the cocktails he creates from that same rum. His Mojito will make no sense, nor his Negroni. Tasting workshops of superb aged rums, cognacs and wanderful whisk(e)ys, for instance, are super important for newbie Bartender, as one will not only serve cocktails at the bar, but quite often will have to serve, recommend, understand a difference between Bourbon and Scotch, as well as different types and styles of Scotch whisky. Same goes for the good old story of Tequila vs Mezcal, etc…

Pro Bartender School Modules

11 workshops of exercises and creation of 55 classic cocktails with their variations. The knowledge on which the entire contemporary cocktail mixology is based and inspired. Each workshop lasts 3 hours. Participants learn the construct of each category and the cultural background of classic cocktails.

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