Professional Bartender School

Bar tending is an Art. It is viewed on many different ways by the people out of the industry. If there was no sense to expand and create all today known dimensions of that came into bar tending such as Molecular Mixology or Flair for instance, the profession wouldn’t come to such growth in popularity, professionalism and expertise on a variety of of fields in Hospitality industry. Working as a bartender on various places with different concepts, owning a bar, running bars and clubs, founding a bartender school and bartender association, taking place in competitions and organizing many of those as well as events I went trough most of the dimensions of art of bar tending. Yet, there are more to discover and live in.Collecting experience working in different environments for different companies I have created my own views of our trade. Summing up all above we have created a program back in 2008 that continues to evolve to this day. Loaded with tastings, Mixology classes and multimedia, it helps our students to comprehend all of the dimensions of bar tending and follow up with the classes. This course is an extended 6 week concept with all the classes showcased beautifully and put to balance for better attention and result.

Professional Bartender School has modules as it follows:


MIXOLOGY CLASSES AND PRACTICE, arranged in sections, as per historical facts as well as well as with the gastro dimension and cultural, traditional value. Fizzes and Collins, Sours and Daisy, Long drink concept, Fruit Martinis, Classic Martinis etc… And per cultural dimension: Pre-prohibition cocktails, traditional cocktails, Prohibition cocktails, Tiki Culture, Classic Cuban Cocktails, Caribbean long drink concept, Contemporary Mixology with the modern re-creational momentum in Cocktail Mixology and more;
This is the biggest module of the whole course and out of 4 weeks of hard work You will spend 15 days mixing classic cocktails and learning of contemporary mixology.

BEER TASTING WITH CRAFT BEER CULTURE. Understanding beer styles, beer history, steps and traditions in brewing, serving and food pairing;

WINE TASTING. Wine is there to stay, since 7000 BC, or so! That paradise fruit that results in wine is a must know for any bartender. We do complete wine guide, with production process, history and origins, styles, sorts of grapes, old and new world regions, champagne and sparkling, fortified wines and wine based liqueurs, to wine and food pairing… Terroir and Bouquet, before and after, whys and hows;

COFFEE WORKSHOP. Coffee culture is integral part of a contemporary lifestyle in today’s World. Any decent bartender must master basic espresso based drinks and know the espresso machine by heart. All of it and basics of preparing the most popular coffee drinks are covered in this course;

TEA TIME. Tea Tasting & Tea culture workshop is an integral part of the course. Making it all clear about the origins, types, styles of tea and the preparation methods, blends and specialty teas;

MULTIMEDIA. All of the production processes and great deal of other multimedia material including all of the above has been showcased to the our students for a good reason;

BAR MANAGEMENT. All the key elements of managing a bar, relations between co-workers and team building.

BARTENDER IMAGE. Creating your own style is the key. Being able to keep your head up in the room, to really feel all the vibes from the bar, controlling space and making sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable is not the only thing that a bartender must master. Personal style becomes ever more important in any business, especially in one that involves a lot of beautiful people being with in the same room. It affects one’s confidence and personality and a good balance of healthy, sporty lifestyle must be practiced to achieve a proper balance in working behind a bar. Being attractive as much as knowledgeable is really important.

CAREER CONSULTING. Last but not least, we advice our members on career projecting and eventual possibilities in that particular moment.

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