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Having a professional staff in any business today is an imperative. And from first moment, because that first impression counts for more than a half. In Hospitality even more than other industries. Makes sense, right? Sensible recruiting and putting up your team in high spirits is crucial, and again in hospitality business that has to be a level higher and always maintained. Luckily, there are a lot of experts and professionals in our industry today. Going top-down, one should consider assembling a quality team of management and leaders before engaging in recruiting other staff. Working in hospitality for over 10 years now, I have realized that this is not a variable.

In my career I have met many bartenders, waiters, managers, servers, and worked with people in Concierge, F&B, Housekeeping and other guest service professionals that have left an impression on me. Being able to exploit a benefit of social media internet communications I am maintaining those contacts and following their further work. Also, being a bartender academy owner, I have personally advised and arranged many of my students and partners to a cruise ship job or a hotel job elsewhere after they have completed course in our bar academy.

Neb Lazarevich
Bar Akademija founder


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