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Professional Bartender School

21 day course. Spirits science & cocktail mixology, classic & contemporary. Wine, Craft Beer and Coffee&Tea day integrated. Bar management & career projection.

Barista School Essentials

11 day barista course. 2 tasting masterclasses, 10 classroom lessons, 8 days of pure latte art practice. Farming, coffee cherry, coffee bean, methods of bean processing, alternative brewing methods.

Beer Connoisseur School

3 day course, comprised of tasting workshops of 27+ craft and traditional beer styles, craft brewery visit, understanding the brewing process, beer styles and beer & food pairing with extensive insight in beer culture.

Professional Sommelier School

14 day course comprised of wine tastings, workshops and masterclasses, winery visits and in classroom lessons.

Seminars & Workshops

Various seminars, tastings, masterclass events and workshops. Check our IG and Facebook pages for events to come.

Bar Management School

Extensive Bar Management course with accent on rise up/pre opening, menu matters, kitchen, bar service, upselling, staffing&hr, marketing and social media, economy and trends.

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