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Scotch whisky tasting school

Fundamental Scotch whisky
connoisseur tasting. Lineup of 4
Single malts of different types,
with 1 Pure malt and 2 blended
Scotches. 2 hour tasting that
teaches why and how in matters
of tradition, production, ageing
and styles.

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Priced at 45€ per chair 68%

All Scotch whisky was originally made from malted
barley. Commercial distilleries began introducing
whisky made from wheat and rye in the late 18th
century. There are two kinds of Scotch Whisky:
Malt Whisky which is made by the Pot Still process
and Grain Whisky which is made by the Patent Still (or
Coffey Still) process. Malt Whisky is made from malted barley only, while Grain Whisky is made from malted barley together with unmalted barley and other

Scotch Single Malt tasting. Understand the regions and styles

Single Malt tasting, consisting
of variety of whiskies from all
traditionaln regions and styles.
Two hour social club gethering
with thorough insight into the
Scotch Single Malt tradition
and whisky culture. 7 Single
malts in range.

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Aficionado Certificate awarded
Priced at 65€ per chair 68%

To be a single malt scotch the whisky must have been
distilled at a single distillery using a pot still distillation
process and made from a mash of malted grain. In
Scotland, the only grain allowed to be used in a single malt whisky is barley. As with any Scotch whisky, a single malt Scotch must be distilled in Scotland and matured in oak casks in Scotland for at least three years and one day.
(Most single malts are matured longer.)

American Whiskey tasting Bourbon, Tennessee, Rye

Broad definition of American whiskey, 6 labels lineup, great Bourbons and other whiskeys deconstructed and presented by our whiskey connoisseurs. Prgram developed as part of Pro Bartender School at Bartender School of Central Europe. Aficionado Club participation Certificate awarded.

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Priced at 40€ per chair 68%

American whiskeys may often be categorised as pertaining to toastiness, spice and vanilla sweetness. This is in large part due to the generous use of new charred oak (predominant in most styles of US whiskey, and used exclusively in the production of bourbon), which lends stunning sweet flavours such as vanillins, and other flavour compounds.

Aficionado Club high end whiskey tasting. American whiskey school

Superb editions of American whiskeys. Top notch Bourbons, Rye and Tennessee labels from our private collection. Tasting awarded with participation certificate, Bar Akademija Aficionado program. Find about editions on our website. 5 labels.

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Priced at 60€ per participant 68%

There are a few theories as to how the name for bourbon came around, but nothing concrete. It’s derived from France’s Bourbon dynasty, but no one is 100% sure where exactly the name for the spirit came from. Some people say it was named for Bourbon County in Kentucky, while others say it was from Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Firstly, it must be made in the United States (and it is indeed made all across the USA – not every bourbon is a Kentucky bourbon!). The mash bill of a bourbon must be made with at least 51% corn (the most common others types of grain used in bourbon production are rye, barley and wheat). Bourbon must be aged in new, charred oak barrels (with no minimum specified ageing period – though if it has been aged for fewer than three years.

Rum, Rhum, Ron Tasting Rum Connoisseur School

Sugar Cane trancended to a noble drop. Spirit created for fine moments of tranquility and hedonism. Know your Rum, know your drink. 6 bottles of superb rum as a tasting lineup. Rum Aficionado participation certificate granted.

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Priced at 37€ per participant 68%

Rum, Rhum or Ron
In current usage, the name used for rum is often based on the rum’s place of origin. For rums from Spanish-speaking locales the word ron is used. A ron añejo indicates a rum that has been aged and is often used for premium products. Rhum is the term used for rums from French-speaking locales, while rhum vieux is an aged French rum.

Rum & Chocolate pairing workshop

Transcend to a connoisseur, lift up te game to a more complex level of perception and understanding of a fine Sugar Cane spirit, aged to perfection and paired with finest chocolate range available. 6 finest rums + 6 premium chocolates paired with.

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Aficionado Certificate awarded
Priced at 65€ per participant 68%

Sugar cane, originally from Papua New Guinea, was taken to Asia where it was cultivated and then carried to Africa, India and then Spain. European explorers were lured to the West Indies by legends of El Dorado, a city paved with gold. Ironically, the tall sweet grass that Columbus took to the Caribbean in 1493, and the sugar and rum made from that sugar-cane, was ultimately worth more than all the lustrous metal taken from the Caribbean basin.

Cognac tasting Tradition of the finest eau da vie

The noble, historical, traditional spirit, one that set the standards of eau da vie blending in world od distillates. Know your Cognac, learn the value, learn about history and varieties, about ageing and be awarded an Cognac aficionado certificate.

Understanding distilling, ageing and blending up to i final product, trough 6 superb V.S, V.S.O.P, X.O. and special editions Cognac.

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Priced at 85€ per participant 68%

Cognac is a spirit drenched in fascinating history and tied to a whole region, it’s probably the most interesting beverage you will ever come across and here is where you can find everything there is to know about it. Cognac tasting is not just as simple as knocking it back (although I’m sure we’ve all done this once or twice). There is a wealth of sensory experiences when it comes to tasting and appreciating Cognac but it can be somewhat confusing to distinguish exactly what you should be looking out for when you’re new to the practice. 

Rakija, the unknown spirit of the Southeast Europe. Deconstructed

Tradition, history, dedication, varieties. This eau da vie, fruit spirit, brandy like is the experience to have. Connoisseur would rather categorize it as a distinctive spirit rather than a brandy, simply, for many reasons we deconstruct at our tasting. Plum based, Quince based, Apricot based, weather clear or aged, it is a noble drop of the old craft masters. 6 editions as a tasting lineup.

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Priced at 38€ per participant 68%

Rakija is a distinctive spirit, authentic to region of Southeast Europe, mainly Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and North Macedonia.
We are talking about fruit distillate, originally distilled in traditional type of copper pot stills. In terms of putting this distillate to a certain category, we might note that it is a brandy like, fruit spirit, but not quite so, since it has many more varieties, of which some are not aged, and others must be aged as the tradition dictates. A single type of Rakija is made of one type of fruit only, and it is a 100% that fruit distillate. Most of the fruit mashes for various Rakija types are fermented naturally, with open fermentation with natural wild yeast.

Craft Gin tasting. The botanical one. Handcrafted Gins

Did You know that the Juniper based elixir originated in Holland? That the war had to do with it’s further development? Did You know about Craft Gin Culture and where it went with the botanical diversification? We got 6 superb Gins lined up for tasting. Aficionado participation certificate awarded.

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Priced at 30€ per participant 68%

Holland Made It First
While gin may be the national spirit of England, the spirit originated in Holland. The English discovered Genever while fighting the Dutch War of Independence in the 17th century and brought the spirit back with them. The London-style gin we’re familiar with now would be born 150 years later. Franciscus Sylvius May Be the Godfather of Gin, a Dutch physician, created Genever as medicine during the 16th century. His high-proof concoction was believed to improve circulation and other ailments. During the Dutch Independence War, it was given to soldiers and referred to as “Dutch Courage.”

Gin & Tonic mixology workshop

You can’t really make a mistake with Gin ‘n’ Tonic. It is here to stay, now in recreated manner, with versatility like never before. Varieties of Gins and different tonics and other botanically infused sparkling beverages prepared and garnished to perfection. You create your own G&T with our guidance.

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Priced at 38€ per participant 68%

Gin & Tonics Began in India
During the 19th century, Brits began to move to India after the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857 and, subsequently, the popularity of Gin & Tonics spiked. In efforts to avoid malaria, the demand for “Indian Tonic Water” grew. Gin was added to the tonic water to mask the bitterness.

Mojito Mixology clas. Make your own Mojito Workshop

Mojito remains one of the most popular cocktails, and for a solid reason: It’s a very, very good drink. It deserves to be constructed with respect and care.
Unlike cocktails invented by auteur bartenders giving outlet to their creativity, the Mojito came about through a natural evolutionary process, progressing from knuckle-dragger to sophisticate over the course of more than a century.

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Priced at 38€ per participant 68%

The Mojito took root in Cuba at a time when most rum was scarcely potable—fierce, funky and heavy with fusel oils and other noxiousness. How to fix this? Well, if you were a Cuban farmer with a bottle of rum and a long night ahead, you would have used whatever diversions were at hand to make it more palatable—a squeeze of lime, some sugar-cane juice, a handful of mint. Then it would go down just fine.

Time travel with local wines Wine tastings & winery visits

Wine tastings at the local wine bars.
Gourmet local cheese & tapas bytes served.

Winery visits, upon consultation.

Wine and cheese pairing workshops.

Wine and chocolate pairing wokshops.

International wine culture class.

We have got our own wine list that you can choose from. At the location.

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Wine tasting certificate awarded
Prices tailor made upon consultation 68%

Wine tells a tale about the land. Terroir aspect is the one to reckon with, besides the vine sorts and the craft master behind the story.
Small family wineries have been recently popping up at their old family estates all around Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Find recreated wine styles in blends of local sorts with the big ones like Cab Sauvignon, Merlot or Chardonnay. Our basic wine tastings include tapas bytes, gorumet local cheese, prsciouto and veggies.
Please, do not hesitate to drop a line or post a question on our social media @BarAkademija or a whatsapp number: +38765017232
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